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This appointment should be selected for all new clients. Returning clients can also utilize this option to book a full length follow up appointment.


NEW CLIENTS: During your time with Vivian she will help teach you about Healing Touch and or Body/Emotion Code so you can gain a better understanding of the treatment and healing you are going to receive. During this session you can choose to use your time for Healing Touch or Body/Emotion Code. If you would like to split your time between both modalities please let Vivian know at the beginning of your session so time can be allotted appropriately. If you choose to spend time utilizing both modalities then the focus will be on EC/BC first for 10-15 min and use the remaining time for HT.


RETURNING CLIENTS: This appointment can be utilized for a Healing Touch session, Emotion Code/Body Code analysis or a combination of both. If the option for both is utilized, then we focus on EC/BC first for 10-15 min and use the remaining time for HT


Contact Vivian directly to book. 

50min New/Returning Client Appointment

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