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inflammation & shoulder pain...

I had an an incredible session with Vivian Drewis that was extremely affective in releasing physical body issues using the Emotion Code. Vivian is very grounded and is extremely sensitive to energy. She cleared a lot of trapped emotions from my body, one at a time. Some releases I could feel and some I could not. When I had the session with her I had been dealing with inflammation and pain in my shoulder for months and after her healing I felt much better. I turned a corner after that session and have been basically pain free since. I can't wait to go back when I need to. I highly recommend Vivian.


Jeri Lawson

Healing Touch Practitioner, Clarity Breathworker & Reiki Master 

hip pain & cyst...

As a skeptic of healing techniques but in much need of physical relief with hip pain, I asked Vivian Drewis “to attempt her magic” with me. In the first energy session, I felt my body warm and tingle and in a very few session the hip pain reduced to a level that I did not even need ibuprofen. WOW. Now, I still may not understand it but I believe in it. 


Additionally, one year ago, I was very near wrist surgery because of a cyst growing in my wrist tendon shaft. Before I scheduled surgery, I decided to give this technique called Emotion Code a chance, per Vivian’s recommendation. With Vivian’s coaching and guidance, we went through several sessions and I am here to tell you, I did not need the surgery and the cyst is now gone.


Maybe there really is more to this mind-body connection than I currently understand. I am grateful to courageous healers like Vivian for being bold enough to study, offer and then explain to her clients. I am better today for Vivian’s gifts.


Erna Grasz

CEO, Asante Africa Foundation, Educating Children|Transforming Worlds

relaxation & grounding...

Quite simply put...Vivian is a miracle worker! Every time I leave a session with Vivian my mind feels clear, my body feels centered, relaxed and grounded, and I emotionally and energetically feel years lighter. She has a profound gift for skillfully locating the source quickly and easily of where you may be unconsciously blocking or holding onto energy that diminishes your power, joy and wellness and clearing it. I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of freedom and healing with Vivian. It is well worth the investment!




Christine Silvey

Life and Business Coach, Empowered You

panic attacks...

With much curiosity and a desire to heal ongoing problems, I went to see Vivian.  I began suffering from panic attacks that led me to the hospital ER rooms after my mother died in 2006.  After these began, I was nervous about when or where they would happen.  I learned to manage the onset with breathing and focusing but lived with them frequently.  At my first session with Vivian we learned the cause of the panic and I haven't had any since. She has also helped me with high blood pressure and a muscle injury. Vivian is kind, nonjudgmental and a life-saver. I am forever grateful to her for helping me begin the emotional healing process. 


Shelley D.

energy healing...

I love the sessions I’ve had with Vivian.  She is a gifted energy healer and also uses a modality called The Emotion Code, which is extremely effective in eliminating trapped emotions that have been stagnant in your body for years. Vivian is a gifted healer knowing exactly what techniques to administer to clear and balance the body.  She is always present with her client and knows exactly what is necessary for eliminating pain and stress. She has the gift of total integrity both in her personal and profession life. She is a loving, kind, heartfelt and evolved being who is honored to share her talents to assist others with their goal for peace, joy and excellent health.



mind, body, spirit balance...

With regular sessions of Healing Touch with Vivian, I appreciate more balance and resilience for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. She has really helped me through illnesses and now maintaining wellness!


Kathy D. 

sleep habits & stress...

I am an Airline Pilot and Martial Artist.  Through my Martial Arts I understand the importance of balancing the mind and body and work at it through exercise, philosophy and meditation.  As an Airline Pilot, my life is constantly being thrown out of balance from time zone changes, irregular eating habits, irregular sleep habits, pressurization changes and stress. When I first started receiving healing touch treatments from Vivian, I immediately noticed a difference.  After being gone on a three-day trip, I used to come home so tired and drained that I needed an entire day just to recover.  With regular treatments, I am now able to recover from my trips the very next morning and my energy and emotional levels have become much more stable. Over time, I have developed my own skills where I can usually open my energy fields myself. The intervals between treatments have increased.  I still plan on receiving occasional treatments from Vivian because there will always be times when things build up inside me that I just can’t clear out on my own.   I know no one better than Vivian to help me.


Marc D.

acute neck pain & headaches...

"Would you be willing to try something different?" 


That was the question posed to me by my chiropractor, following months of chiropractic adjustments, massage, ice packs and stretching exercises to try to alleviate pain in the left side of my neck. I had even tried acupuncture after the neck pain had extended up and into my head and caused extreme headaches! The acupuncture was painful, but kept the headaches away, so I kept that up as well. Unfortunately, all of the treatments together were only able to make the pain tolerable, and my life was extremely restricted. By that time, I was willing to try anything!


I was delighted to recognize the name Vivian Drewis as a parent from a school our children had attended. We had volunteered together and I remembered her as a very nice, lively and upbeat person.  


During our first session, we caught up on our kids and our lives, and she shared what she'd been up to and how she'd gotten involved in Healing Touch and Emotion Code. We discussed my neck and head pain, and she described how the process she used could release any trapped emotions that were held in my neck. It sounded easy, and I knew that I held stress in my neck and shoulders, so it made sense.  


It turned out that I had quite a few issues related to the neck pain, and we released them by identifying what the emotions were and when they occurred, and then Vivian ran a magnet down my back a few times. That was it. No pain, emotional or physical. A slight feeling of dizziness or fatigue at most were the only symptoms of remembering some very sad and stressful incidents from my childhood. "That's it?" I thought. "How easy!". My body indicated that we could only release half a dozen or so each time, so it took a few weeks of treatments to release all of them.


Each Emotion Code session was followed by a Healing Touch session. I remember the first time, I was trying to figure out what she was doing and where she was, but soon found myself dozing off. It was incredibly restful and relaxing, and I felt so pampered. I would always leave the sessions with the pain in my neck and head either significantly relieved or gone. It gradually returned within a few days, but that was a major improvement over the hours of relief provided by the other remedies I had tried.  


Following the session where we released the last of the trapped emotions in my neck - the pain did not return. It was truly amazing. It felt great to have my life back, with no more restrictions! By then, I was hooked, and started a list of "issues" to work on for future sessions.  I continue to get Healing Touch on a frequent basis to keep myself feeling good and healthy.  


Vivian is always learning new techniques and modalities, and stays current on all of the updates for the modalities she employs. She always has something new to share, and she is able to explain the most complicated ideas and answer my questions about "how" and "why" in an understandable, simple way.


It is clear that Vivian is doing what she is meant to do, and loving it. I am delighted to recommend her to you. Let her help you change your life for the better, too.


Diane Hagerty

Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice 

migranes & remote healing...

As a health care professional I know how important mind and body connection in the relationship to healing and maintaining optimum health. I have been struggling with PTSD for many years, and sought help with Western Medicine. Although very helpful, therapy and medication did not give me the desired effect that I so desperately wanted.


I had asked Vivian Drewis to help me with PTSD and migraines. Vivian is very calm, compassionate and intuitive. She is very gifted in her work. Vivian used Healing Touch including the Emotion Code technique. I found that after my sessions my migraine was gone (if I had one at the time of the session) and my anxiety level had gone down. I felt uplifted as if a weight had been taken off of me. My PTSD symptoms including flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, depression would be reduced for weeks to months afterword.


Since I live out of state, Vivian taught me some techniques to try at home, which I did and found them to be helpful. Over the course of a year using Healing Touch along with western medicine my symptoms of PTSD have been almost completely diminished. I now sleep through the night every night, my depression is infrequent, migraines are becoming a more rare occurrence, and flashbacks are almost completely gone.  I have found that Vivian's gift has been an invaluable contribution to my physical and emotional well being. 


I do not think I could have reached this level of healing, especially so quickly with Western Medicine alone. If you have PTSD I highly recommend adding Vivian to your journey toward wellness.



Registered Nurse

cancer support...

I was emotionally injured three years ago and within a short time following, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The emotional turmoil began to take over my life and I felt like I was a zombie, dead but yet alive walking life not knowing what to do or where to begin. It was early in my emotional pain that Vivian began to work with me using "Emotional Code." This gently but effective method allowed me get in touch and detoxify with repressed negative feelings that I did not know how to release and did not know that I had. Healing Touch was also initiated by Vivian for my breast cancer diagnosis. She was present through my second biopsy. She also worked on me during three post-surgical procedures for my cancer. I am currently cancer free and have had multiple compliments from my surgeons on the outcome of my radiated breast reconstruction.


I am currently emotionally stable and cancer free for two years. My scaring is minimal and the skin is nice and pink, rather than dark like most radiated breast are. I am convinced that my recovery, emotional and physical, are successful due to Healing Touch. I highly recommend it to anyone who desires inner and outer healing in life.


Forever grateful, Eugenia Hatch

healing emotional wounds...

I met Vivian just over a year ago. Vivian is the most wonderful healer I have ever met. I see her once a week and would see her twice per week if I could.


At her practice she offers two different services: the Emotion Code, and Healing Touch. With the Emotion Code, one can release emotional and physical traumas that one acquires either on this Earth or in past lives. The Healing Touch Therapy can be used to balance chakras or to address a physical issue one might have. For me, the Emotion Code release can impact my chakras. Vivian finishes the session with Healing Touch, which places my chakras back in balance.


The Emotion Code continues to amaze me. Thanks to this practice, I have been able to shift my perspective in various areas of my life. I enjoy my professional work and I have developed excellent relationships with my colleagues. After working with Vivian, I now speak with my parents daily after a six year absence. Vivian’s healing work has provided me with confidence, new tools and a new perspective on all relationships in my life.  


I love Vivian so much as she has changed my life 180 degrees. Every day, I feel grateful to have found her. Many people provide references out of obligation. When I choose to write a testimonial, I am truly passionate about sharing all the benefits I have received from her. She is an endless fountain of inspiration, love, dedication, knowledge, generosity…and to make matters better, she is very affordable. If you need to have a happier, healthier life, Vivian is your cure.


Mar T. 

Spanish Linguist/Teacher/Writer

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