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Muscle Testing
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Muscle testing techniques are based on principles of biomagnetic energy. While our conscious mind is mostly oblivious to these energies, we believe our subconscious mind is profoundly affected by them. Our premise is that the subconscious can lead the body to 

respond to or reinforce positive energy, and to avoid or refuse negative energy. These responses are what make muscle testing possible.

We can tap into this relationship between the subconscious mind and energy by asking “true/false” questions, and then checking the body’s response. Response can be checked a number of ways, but is often done with methods like the Arm Test, where the subject simply holds one arm outstretched in front, parallel to the floor.

The tester then places two fingers on the subject’s wrist, and asks a question, placing a small amount of pressure on the wrist. If the subject’s arm resists, that is a “strong response,” and it equates to a “yes” answer. If the arm gives way under the pressure, that’s a “weak response,” and equals a “no” answer. This strong response/weak response is the basis of muscle testing. There are many methods of muscle testing. Vivian uses the "ring in ring" method.

Ring in Ring Method

Make a closed ring or circle shape with the thumb and middle finger on one hand. Make the same shape with the thumb and middle finger of the other hand. Join the rings together like two links in a chain. You can use this manual muscle testing technique in two different ways:

1. Choose one hand to be the resistance ring and one hand to be the pressure ring. The pressure ring will remain locked closed, while the resistance ring will break for a “no” answer and remain closed for a “yes” answer.

2. Or you can instead intend for both rings to remain locked on a “yes” answer, and both to break on a “no” answer.

Proxy Muscle Testing

Muscle testing can also be conducted by proxy. By definition, “proxy” means to stand for or represent someone. Muscle testing by proxy may be used when the recipient can’t be present. In these cases, a “proxy” is used in their stead. This can be done with 3rd person acting as proxy, or the tester may conduct the testing on his or her own body, serving as proxy for the testee.

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