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Balance body, mind and spirit for wellness, abundance and vitality.

Has physical pain held you back from enjoying life? 


Do you experience re-triggering of old emotional traumas that keep you “stuck”? 


Are you unable to create the life you want and you just can’t put a finger on the issues holding you back?

Do you struggle with personal relationships?

Does work fulfillment or financial abundance elude you?​

If you answered YES then negative energy or “emotional baggage” in your body could be the culprit.

What is energetic healing?

Energy is all there is.  It is all around us, within us and it is the basic building block of life and matter.  Einstein’s formula proved this.

Your body is energy and thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are energy. Have you ever “felt” someone looking at you from across the room?  Does your stomach churn when you are under pressure?  Do thoughts of the past create a physical response in your body?  These are all examples of energy in the body.

Energy healing can release, calm or restructure negative energies

to reduce or eliminate pain and to balance the body, mind and spirit.


Advanced Practice Classes in Healing Touch, Body Code, and Graduate of the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program.

Vivian became interested in energy medicine while searching for complementary therapies for her children.  She was introduced to Healing Touch Therapy and decided to become a practitioner to help heal her family and others. After completing applicable clinical hours as well as five levels of schooling and the certification process, Vivian became a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner.  


She has also been certified to use The Emotion Code/Body Code developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  This healing modality helps clients permanently release trapped emotions and emotional baggage. Other energy studies include Energy Medicine, specific techniques for working energetically with PTSD and scar integration. She has been practicing energetic healing since 2008.


As a parent of three children, and two with special needs, Vivian intimately and personally understands the physical, emotional and energetic impact of long-term care on both the patient and the caregiver.

Vivian is a gifted healer and this experience showed me another dimension of healing work. She taught me the importance of releasing trapped emotions in order to keep our balance and radiant health. I love her treatments. I highly recommend her!  

~ Vanessa M.

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